Prepare for Your Installation

In order for this to work, you need to have few things ready before proceeding with the DS4Windows installation.

  1. DualShock 4 Controller
  2. Micro USB Cable/PS4 Bluetooth Adapter

DS4Windows Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 +
  • DS4 Driver
  • Xbox 360 Controller for Windows Driver

DS4Windows Installation

  1. Download the latest version of DS4Windows from their GitHub page or offical website.
  2. Extract the downloaded file and open the DS4Windows program file.
  3. A window with installation instructions will appear. Follow the steps as indicated and finish the installation by clicking Finish.
  4. Sometimes, the program starts without presenting the installation instructions. In such cases, you will have to select the Controller / Driver Setup option below the Settings tab.
DS4Windows Installation

When you launch DS4Windows for the first time, as in the following screenshot, it will ask you to pick a location where you want your DS4 Windows settings and profiles to be saved. While you can always pick a location wherever you like, we recommend you to select AppData since it is the default location. But if you want to use DS4Windows as a portable programme, then you can go with your preferred location.

Download DS4Windows

DS4Windows Profiles

After setting the DS4Windows Profiles location you will get the following screen. In this screen, it asks you to install the required driver software. This is very important, in order to get things running smoothly. First, you have to install the DS4 Driver. If you already have installed DS4 Tool, then you do not have to install it once again. After that, you can install the Xbox 360 driver. If you already have installed a 360 controller you can skip this step.

What's Working íKand What's Not Working with DS4Windows

We've tested DS4Windows and it works flawlessly on Windows 10. Yet there is a minor issue which won't let you hide DS4. In order to fix this, you can try disabling Network List Service and restarting. You should try this workaround with caution as it may cause some problems to your Windows.

How to Disable the Network List Service

Let's see how to make hide DS4Windows function work in Windows 10.

  1. On Windows 10 Start Menu, type services.msc and press enter key.
  2. Then it will bring a services window. From there you have to find the service called "Network List Service" and using the general tab you can easily change the status of the service. Once disabled, you can restart your computer.
  3. If any errors occur after restarting, repeat the same process and enable Network List Service and restart once again.
  4. Finally, you can plug the DS4 into your PC using a USB cable and it will show up in your DS4Windows' controllers tab.
Developer Credits

Our sincere thanks to InhexSTER, Jays2Kings and Nefarius as well as all of the other people who spent their valuable time developing these utilities.