Getting Started With DS4 Tool

Even though the DS4 Tool is a little bit outdated, as opposed to other utilities, the DS4 Tool is simple to use and very reliable. The DS4 Tool uses USB HID protocol to execute its functions. In order to install the DS4 Tool, you will need to install following files into your computer. You have to run the DS4 Tool each time that you want to play a game. To make it easier, you can create shortcuts on your desktop for fast access.

DS4 Tool Contents

DS4 Tool Contents

The DS4 Tool folder contains several files (SCPDriver, SCPMonitor, SCPPair, SCPServer, and SCPServer). Once installed, you can see the extracted files. See the images below as a reference.

Inside Win32/ Win64 folders, you will find the SCPUser (Xinput Controller Tester), which lets you test your controller after the mapping process.

The SCP Monitor lets you determine whether your controller has connected or not. And the SCP Pair allows you to pair your controller. But, you can always pair it directly using the Bluetooth 'add device' option.

DS4 Tool Installation

In this subsection, you will learn to install the DS4Tool properly on your Windows computer. All DS4 Tool installation steps are covered in this section, therefore you do not need to search elsewhere. But, if you need more advanced information, you can always contact the original authors. DS4 Tool and DS4Windows both have a very simple installation process. Aside from being easier to install, DS4Windows is quite reliable.


Download the DS4 Tool from the link and copy the whole folder to your desktop, or whichever location you prefer. Then double click on the folder to extract it. You also can use a utility like 7zip for extracting.

DS4 Tool Drivers

Now, to make it fully functioning, open the DS4 Tool folder and go to SCPDriver to install SCP drivers first. After a successful installation, it will show you a complete message.

DS4 Tool & DS4Windows Pairing with PC

DS4Windows and DS4 Tool make it easy for you to pair your DS4 controller to Windows. Before you start the pairing process, please make sure that you have installed all of the required drivers. If you're planning to pair it wirelessly then you will need to turn on your Bluetooth feature from the control panel and make sure that it is active.

DS4 Tool Pairing

First, connect your DualShock controller to the computer using the micro USB cable. It will glow yellow when it has connected and will start blinking. It's pretty straightforward. If your controller is a wired one, you can skip the connect via Bluetooth section and continue.

DS4 Tool Pairing with PC via Bluetooth

To connect via Bluetooth you have to hold share PlayStation button together a few seconds and controller lights will start blinking.

DS4 Tool Bluetooth Pairing

Now, back to your computer and select add a Bluetooth device as from the image. This will display in the manage Bluetooth section and all you have to do is click on pair it with your PC. Once it's paired, it will show as connected.

Card image cap

After that, go to devices and printers in your control panel and it will show the controller there. Click right click and then properties. In wireless controller properties, go to test and start testing your controller. When you do that, you will notice that axis are not mapped correctly.

Card image cap

To launch the DS4 Tool, click on SCPServer. If you do not have .NET framework installed on your computer, then you will get a message like this. If you get this message, then proceed to download the .NET framework, which will complete in few minutes. After installation, you have to restart your computer.

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On top of the SCPServer window, you will see that your controller has checked in. Now, to confirm that it is working, head back to your printers and devices and you will see a new controller there. It is your virtual controller, which has been mapped correctly and you can start using that.

DS4Windows DS4 Tool Troubleshooting

Sometimes, the DS4 Tool and DS4Windows will not detect the DS4 controlle on Windows. In such cases, we recommend that you restart your computer. If the problem still persists, you can try reinstalling all of the drivers and it should solve your issue. But, if you are using windows 10, then you might have some trouble getting the software to work. In such cases, I recommend that you check the alternatives.

This is a video from the original developer. This video was created in 2015, so some information might be outdated. But if you need any assistance, you can always contact us or contact the original developers. The currently active developer of the DS4Windows is ryochan7. If a worst case scenario occurs, you may have to reinstall Windows. For that you can use a software like Win32 Disk Imager. It doesn't necessarily solve the issue; but it helps you to reinstall your operating system.

DS4 Tool Alternatives

Sometimes, the DS4 Tool will not detect the controller. In such cases, we recommend that you restart your computer. If the problem still persists, you can try reinstalling all of the drivers and it should solve your issue. But, if you are using windows 10, then you might have some trouble getting the DS4 Tool to work. In such cases, I recommend that you check the alternatives below.


DS4Windows is a great alternative you can use if this doesn't work on your PC. In our opinion, DS4Windows is way better for Windows 10 since we had no issues using it on Windows 10. Therefore, if you're looking for an alternative, then DS4Windows is a no-brainer. The only downside with DS4 Windows is that the Dualshock 4 controller's audio jack is currently not supported, which means you have to plug your headphones directly into your machine if you want to use them while playing. But it is less buggy and works smoothly. GitHub developer, Ryochan7 is currently working on DS4Windows.

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Developer Credits

Our sincere thanks to InhexSTER, Jays2Kings and Nefarius as well as all of the other people who spent their valuable time developing these utilities.